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Meet our team

SCS is a team of professionals who are passionate about our mission of Serving, empowering, and exceeding expectations with every interaction.

Our core values of Relationships, Working Together, Intent-based Leadership, Ownership, and Simplicity define who we are, how we work and guides our decisions as we continue to grow our team, services, and product offerings.

We've built a team we love working with and know you will too!

  • Chris Pelon

    Chris Pelon

    Founder / President

  • Matt Venema

    Matt Venema

    Vice President / CFO

  • Matt Venema

    Douglas Evink

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Michael VanderHart

    Michael VanderHart

    IT Operations Manager

  • Steve Roberts

    Steve Roberts

    Network/Solutions Engineer

  • Barb Bechtel

    Barb Bechtel

    Office Manager

  • Eli Harig

    Eli Harig

    Primary Engineer

  • Kyle Vanderband

    Kyle Vanderband

    Primary Engineer

  • Christian DeBoer

    Christian DeBoer

    Primary Engineer

  • Derek Jasperse

    Derek Jasperse

    Primary Engineer

  • Andrew (Drew) Thomas

    Andrew (Drew) Thomas

    Support Engineer

  • Christian Hampel

    Christian Hampel

    Support Engineer

  • Jordan Lindsey

    Jordan Lindsey

    Support Engineer

  • Leland Zavadil

    Leland Zavadil

    NOC Engineer

  • Ben Reese

    Ben Reese

    Lead Application Developer

  • John Wierenga

    John Wierenga

    Web Developer & SEO Specialist

  • Tyler Pelon

    Tyler Pelon

    SEO Specialist

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