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Sometimes, no matter how many off-the-shelf applications you try on, nothing seems to fit. What you need is one that is tailored exclusively to your unique business needs.

Simplify how you capture and track data

The starting point for a lot of our custom software development is the frustration that stems from having to track information manually, with spreadsheets, or with other workarounds.

“SCS efficiently and cost-effectively developed software tailored exclusively to our specific manufacturing requirements, allowing us to replace our paper-based tracking and spreadsheet systems.”

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Functionality that fits your processes

With secure access, add-on flexibility and seamless integration, a custom developed web app can simplify the way you manage specific or enterprise-wide data. With usability, scalability and compatibility in mind, we’ll create a robust application solution that can be implemented on most any platform or server.

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Our Proven Process

What makes us different

We believe the primary reason many software projects fail is three-fold.

  1. The scope is too large.
  2. End users are not involved in the development process.
  3. The developers are not involved from the beginning in the scoping process.

At SCS, our projects are strategically rolled out in small, digestible phases. Weeding out many surprises at the end of the project.

Additionally, users can start interacting with the software in a sandbox environment throughout development. This involvement and timely feedback from these users allows the SCS team to make adjustments along the way and supports buy-in from the users of the new software.

Finally, involving the actual developers that are going to write the code from the beginning creates seamless ownership and complete understanding of your goals and requirements.

We’re ready to help!

With industry background and expertise in finance, operations, and system architecture we'll put our years of experience and knowledge to work on your specific requirements—whether it’s tracking a distinct set of data, communicating with field staff or streamlining your reporting.

Garden Fresh Gourmet

After determining that an off the shelf MRP solution just would not work for Garden Fresh Gourmet, we were very fortunate to have had SCS referred to us back in 2012. Our processes introduced massive amounts of very fast turning WIP, and food safety regulations dictate that we can trace every ounce of ingredients to the specific units of product that are distributed across North America.

We needed a custom solution. We needed a company that is sharp, creative, nimble, accessible and fast. SCS exceeded our expectations.

If you are like me, and you need accurate data to provide performance metrics on your unique processes; I can tell you in good conscience that you will never regret entrusting SCS with your system needs.

Ryan Bagos
Sr. Manager Continuous Improvement
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