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The Dangers of Mozilla and Google Sync

Have you ever changed your internet browser’s home page or search engine, only to have it revert back to some other page as soon as you close it? It can be incredibly annoying, but if you’re using Google Sync with Chrome or Mozilla Sync with Firefox, there may be an easy way for you to prevent this from happening. Many people don’t know this, but if you sign into Google Chrome with your Google account, Google Sync automatically starts to

How to show hidden files and folders in Mac OS X

Sometime you need to see hidden files and folders on your computer. To do this simply perform the following steps. 1. Open Terminal (go to finder -> applications -> utilities -> 2. Now type the following line and hit enter defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES 3. Then type the following line and hit enter again. killall Finder The first command changes the AppleShowAllFiles preferences; setting it t

Hard Drive Speed Test

Recently I've had quite a few questions regarding the performance of solid-state drives over traditional hard disks, and while it's fairly well-known that SSDs boast higher performance, it can often be difficult to comprehend the difference in data throughput between disk types without a live demonstration. So I decided to run a hard drive speed test using my MacBook Pro and three different hard drives. The hard drive I have installed in my MacBo

Why we recommend reloading your Brand NEW computer (…and it’s not because we want to bill you extra)!

Rumors began to surface in the middle of last year (2014) that IBM was shipping brand new Lenovo computers out with Malware preinstalled on the system. The malware, produced by a company called "Superfish", basically installed a web browser add-on that injected advertisements onto the websites that the user visited. While this may seem just annoying and more innocuous compared to other malware, Superfish essentially bypassed some of the most b

Defend Your Data From Ransomware

What is Ransomware? In the past couple of years, many variations of PC security threats known as “ransomware” have become an increasingly popular choice for the creators of malicious software. While they all vary in terms of how they function, they are fundamentally the same; they hold your data hostage unless you pay the ransom. Can I Just Remove the Virus? The most harmful and unfortunate strains of ransomware heavily encrypt your do

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