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Gain tremendous efficiency and bottom-line results in a relatively short span of time with custom software development from SCS Grand Rapids.


Custom Software Development

Sometimes no matter how many off-the-shelf applications you try on, nothing seems to fit. What you need is one that is tailored exclusively to your unique business needs.

Using open source technology like PHP, Javascript, HTML 5 and MySQL, our development team will put their years of experience and knowledge to work on your specific requirements – whether it’s tracking a distinct set of data, communicating with field staff or streamlining your reporting.

With secure access, add-on flexibility and seamless integration, a custom developed web app can simplify the way you manage specific or enterprise-wide data. With usability, scalability and compatibility in mind, we’ll create a robust application solution that can be implemented on most any platform or server.

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Did you know?

Better than spreadsheets

The starting point for a lot of our custom software development is the frustration that stems from having to track information manually, with spreadsheets, or with other workarounds.

Experience makes the difference

Our software development team has industry background and expertise in the areas of finance, operations, and system architecture and implementation. We even have a CPA on staff.

Quick development

Projects are rolled out in digestible phases. Users interact with the software during development. This feedback from users allows us to make adjustments along the way.

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